Normalization, Social Integration, and Community Services

Normalization, Social Integration, and Community Services

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This major treatise redefines and completely updates the principle of normalization as it relates to community services, it provides a welcome clarification of the term normalization, presents implications of normalization pertinent to community service systems, assesses accomplishments of normalization to date, and includes the first and only comprehensive bibliography of the normalization literature.

Widespread, rapid adoption of the concept of normalization has sometimes been accompanied by superficial understanding of the term, and this has often affected proper implementation. The book clarifies the meaning and implications of normalization. Part l is devoted entirely to theoretical consolidation. It consists of systematic statements by the three most influential definers of normalization, Wolfensberger, Nirje, and Bank Mikkelsen, and detailed discussion by Wolfensberger of both definitional issues and common mis understandings and criticisms.

Part Il presents selected implications of normalization and operational guidelines for putting the concept to work in community service programs. Part Ill offers a pre liminary assessment of the normalization movement to date and points out the most. critical problems and policy priorities for the continued vitality of normalization int the future

The book is greatly enriched by the inclusion of the complete bibliography of normalization literature covering 241 major works, mostly in English but including key books and papers in other languages as well.

An enormously useful book for many readers, it is especially recommended for administrators and program staff, legislators and policy makers, staff trainers, educators, and students in any profession concerned with human services

Authors :

  • Robert J. Flynn
  • Kathleen E. Nitsch